Sunday, 5 June 2011

Contour Drawing

Drawing nude
We had a lovely drawing session outside in the sun on Friday. Naked Two is working hard at finding her drawing eye so that she can move on to creating pictures in different media. We use "contour drawing" as an exercise to strengthen control of our looking. The exercise involves drawing without looking at the paper. The eye stays on the model exploring slowly, trying to observe every tiny detail without rush or question or any interference from our thoughts. The pencil point is locked to the eyeball and moves with the eye as it explores. It is the eye that does the drawing, not the hand. This exercise works just as well with the pencil in the left or right hand as the eye can still move it just as easily. Of course the drawings go quite astray without being controlled on the paper and the benefit is what you learn about looking. However we both like the odd results that "accidently" occur and the contour drawings have a rich intensity that I strive to capture in my correct drawings. Here is Naked Two out in the sunshine, concentrating!

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  1. lovely drawing.....great idea for a blog...pass on my love and best to Two. x