Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Naked Workout!

Had our first draw together in quite a while and have found a new theme to explore - body building! Well not quite. Naked Two is keen on the gym and likes to use weights. Exercise does show the body off so we tried a couple of poses and I'm pleased with this result. The drawing has to be quick as it's not easy to hold such a pose for very long. But the combination of strength and beauty is very appealing. I like the idea of using modern weights as this makes it a very contemporary image as well.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Assembly House Art Show

The Chair - £599
I'm just off to deliver this painting, which was selected for the August exhibition in the Assembly House in Norwich. The curator didn't like the way I "depicted" women in my paintings but was happy for me to submit male nudes. I've spent a bit of money to have this one well framed as the show should get a big audience. I like the sense of something old and classic in the colours and handling of the paint. Not sure what the pose is about, but it looks quiet and reflective and shows off the lovely curves of the male back. Check out the show at

Sunday, 17 July 2011

On the Beach

On Holkham beach
One of the reasons I love drawing nudes is that it allows me to experience the power of nature in our own bodies. To feel the instinctive responses that fire inside us when we appreciate the subtle designs of our own form. I enjoy getting in touch with Nature outdoors and feeling the sun and wind on my skin. The sensation makes me feel very alive and aware of my body. I've tried to convey this feeling in the watercolour, drawn from a photo that Naked Two took at Holkham beach after one of our classes at Wells. The body conveys strength and power, capable of running or swimming and looking as beautiful as any other wonder of Nature!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Lacy knickers
I usually find that life drawing classes begin with quick sketches to help people warm up. I don't think this works. I find you need to begin with slow careful looking to get your eyes working fully before you can move on to quickies. If you try 5 minute drawings after you've been studying hard for an hour or so they will be much more successful. We'll be trying this out at our all day class in Wells this Saturday. I love the energetic, splashy feel of quickies like this one!