Friday, 27 January 2012

Nude in Sinsins

We're having a private view evening at Sinsins Lovestore on Wednesday 1st February from 6.30pm. Come along for a glass of wine and a chat with me! You can admire my pictures and take a peek at all the seductive gadgets in the store. I'm not entirely sure what they all do but Martin is very happy to explain if you'd like to know! There should be lots of interesting folk turning up and we hope to make some plans for fun Sinsins events in the future.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Nude portraits

As part of my show at Sinsins in Norwich I'm offering portraits as Valentine presents. The commissions I've done have all gone well and some of the sitters have gone on to become models, as they enjoyed the experience so much. I can usually create something lovely in a few hours but I'm prepared to meet again with the sitter if necessary, to ensure they get a picture they're delighted with. Charcoal drawings and watercolour sketches don't take long to produce so most of the time is spent learning to see the sitter and finding a pose for them. Get in touch if you'd like to be drawn!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Art meets Passion!

Out of the blue... I was invited to show my work in Sinsins Lovestore, Norwich. I met with Martin who owns the shop and liked his open approach to our human needs! I also liked his eagerness to do it now so I returned the next day and hung 14 pictures amongst his imaginative collection of sex gadgets. For once, my frank and open work looked rather tame amongst the erotic packaging of his goods! I was amazed at how busy the Lovestore was and the wide range of customers happily browsing and buying. Martin is very keen on my pictures and wants more, pushing the boundaries and laying on events and activities in the store. So first up is a Valentine's Day Nude demonstration of drawing on Saturday 11th February. Not quite sure what it will be yet but there'll be lots of showing off!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Inspiration for 2012

Beer bottle
I often get inspired by the work of other artists and want to have a go at doing something similar. My wife surprised me with a book on Robert Mapplethorpe for Christmas. I've always liked his pictures and am now very impressed with his approach. He was so honest and open about what was important to him. He saw beauty in things most people find repulsive, and bravely presented his admiration in a frank and stylish manner. He loved the dangerous side of nature, and most of his images have an underlying darkness and this suggestion of another world, beneath the surface. I like this idea and plan to explore it myself. I'd like to try to bring a suggestion of fantasy into my pictures and try to be honest about what excites me. This drawing was an attempt, as I thought the beer bottle might suggest something dark and dangerous. However it came out looking rather sleepy and reflective! Pretty similar to many of my other drawings. This might be harder than I thought!