Sunday, 8 January 2012

Inspiration for 2012

Beer bottle
I often get inspired by the work of other artists and want to have a go at doing something similar. My wife surprised me with a book on Robert Mapplethorpe for Christmas. I've always liked his pictures and am now very impressed with his approach. He was so honest and open about what was important to him. He saw beauty in things most people find repulsive, and bravely presented his admiration in a frank and stylish manner. He loved the dangerous side of nature, and most of his images have an underlying darkness and this suggestion of another world, beneath the surface. I like this idea and plan to explore it myself. I'd like to try to bring a suggestion of fantasy into my pictures and try to be honest about what excites me. This drawing was an attempt, as I thought the beer bottle might suggest something dark and dangerous. However it came out looking rather sleepy and reflective! Pretty similar to many of my other drawings. This might be harder than I thought!


  1. Nice drawing, but definitely not dark and dangerous, more sensuous!

  2. I do like the drawing but fancy trying something darker for a change!