Thursday, 23 February 2012

Charcoal Nudes

Had great fun with my accomplice Naked Two, last time we met. We did some strong poses and drew them quickly and messily on huge sheets of brown paper. The paper had to go on the floor so it was drawing on your knees and craning your neck to see the model. It's fun to draw so big and so roughly and balances up the more careful work I do. Hope to do some of these on Saturday so watch this space!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Offensive Nudes

Light on Skin
The hard-pressed police had to deal with an emergency in Norwich on St Valentine's day! Two people complained about a male nude oil painting on display in the window of Sinsins. Martin was told to clear all the paintings out of the window or be charged with a public order offence. This doesn't surprise me as he knew he was pushing the boundaries of public tolerance. But it always annoys me that if one or two complain then everyone has to toe their boring and prudish line. Personally I think everyone would benefit in many ways with a lighter attitude to nakedness, and such stifling of body appreciation is unnatural and unhealthy, leading to greater vices. Here's the picture that led to a police car being dispatched. Does it offend you?

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Broad Shoulders
Had some good news yesterday from Sinsins Lovestore. One of my male nude oil paintings sold. It was in the window, which probably explains it. Exposure is everything! Putting on an exhibition for a week isn't as effective as having the pictures permanently on show. I really liked this painting and will miss having it in my studio. I often feel like that when someone walks away with one of my pictures!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Drawing Nudes

The private view at Sinsins last Wednesday was great fun! Lots of people came and enthused about my paintings. Good for my ego! There's lots of interest in the life drawing classes beginning on Friday 17th February. Places are limited to 10 so book up soon. Before that we're going to show off how the artist and model work together to create beautiful nudes. This will be a fun evening with wine and music and a chance to enjoy something special. Again places are limited so book soon!