Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to paint nudes

Thigh View
I did quite a bit of exploring this weekend. Trying out different approaches to painting the nude. Trying to convey a different mood in the pictures. Something not so pretty and comfortable. Something that thrills the senses fires the imagination! Something direct and honest that acknowledges the animal beauty of the human body. I tried lots of paint. I tried very little paint. I tried washes and daubs and splashes and strokes. I tried clashes of colour and gentle harmonies. Somehow none of it did the trick. Eventually I came back to the approach that I've developed over the years that pleases me most. I know it's not quite there yet but once again I feel it does actually have some integrity.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Drawing simply

All about Form
My head is full of ideas and influences this year. I keep coming across artists and people who prompt me to move in a different direction. By March I no longer know what I want to do! Looking at Lucian Freud has encouraged me to slow down and allow myself to indulge in the pleasure of the looking and drawing with the model. Suggestions from John Cleese have made me realize the importance of defining the space for the creative mind to come out and play in. A space shut away from the everyday world. Hard to find! Looking at Robert Mapplethorpe has encouraged me to have faith in honesty and to keep things simple. I've heard lots of enthusiasm for my pictures this year but people like them for all sorts of reasons. I suppose that's good but it's also confusing! However I managed to draw this the other day and I feel it's the beginning of some new, exciting work...