Saturday, 26 November 2011

When the Show is over

Moving contour drawing
We didn't have many visitors to our exhibition, which was disappointing. No pictures sold but Becky Brown sold 5 of her sculptures, which shows how appealing they are. We did get lots of enthusiastic comments from those who came and many people gave their details for future life drawing events. The evening workshop went well despite my packing in an ambitious amount of lessons! Since packing away the pictures I've really enjoyed drawing for pleasure again. Not trying to achieve anything or develop ideas. Just enjoying that state of simple looking and the feeling of wonder at the beauty of the body. I've done a few contours of the body gently moving and like the intense but delicate scribbles that appear on the paper. I'm wondering how to develop these results into paintings. Not just stylised abstracts but something that conveys my fascination...

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