Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Holiday Season over!

I've had two holidays since my last post so not much drawing has been happening! I had a fun time in France modelling for a sculptor friend, Sue Riley, who lives in her fantasy gallery in Normandy. We drank a lot of wine but I still managed to learn from the intense way she draws with pastel and charcoal. This is a very poor photo I snapped of one of her drawings.
Sue Riley - Red Wine
I also had a great week in Northumbria and visited Barter Books in Alnswick, the largest second hand bookshop in Britain! Brilliantly sited in a lovely conversion of the old railway station. Here I discovered a life drawing class was running that very evening, so I stayed to attend. The class have been meeting for 19 years but they seem to have lost all the fun of life drawing! They sat the model in this dull, unnatural pose for two hours... I wish I'd brought them a bottle of wine!
Barter Books

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  1. I went to the largest book shop in the UK, back in early June in Hereford! it was enormous.